Don't Settle. And Don't Sit in the Sidelines, or Rather For the Second Page.

Rise to a Prominent Position with PPC Advertising

Grow your practice even more with more new patients

Each practice is different, and each practice has its own growth strategy, by offering an ad package that is customizable, you can focus your ad budgets to achieve each your ideal growth goals. No matter what your advertising goal we provide the tools to effectively advertise online with a focus on ROI through call tracking and website analytics. Our Ad package supports different advertising initiatives to both new and existing patients such as; 

  • maximizing your new patient appointments
  • building brand awareness
  • marketing your promotions and events
  • educating about advanced medical services and specialty care
  • driving optical sales 

For just $250 per month*

ODPPC will More than Quadruple Your Expenditure


PPC/Google Search Ads

Maximize your reach with results-driven PPC/Google ads management, when someone searches for eye care, showing up twice at the top is always better than once. While the cost per click is higher than other forms of advertising, however, these are leads that are looking to schedule now.


New Patient Display & Facebook Ads

Expand your market to those not looking for eye care by deploying effective Facebook and Google display advertising. Leverage the video and branded campaigns to reach new patients and educate them about the services and products that you offer. Combined with a powerful landing page and tracking, this is a cost-effective way to expand your brand awareness and use your advertising dollars to educate and build new revenue streams.


Existing Patient Display & Facebook Ads

Focus your advertising budget to grow revenue through your existing patients. Existing patients are often an underutilized way to grow your business. We work with the practice to develop a marketing calendar and start segregating your patient list to market topics that are relevant to different patient demographics. 

Keep Your Patients Engaged

With Relevant Marketing

IMAGES Layered BlueLight-1

Relevant Being the Operative Word Of Course!

Relevant marketing is effective and allows you to re-engage your previous optical customers with marketing about trunk shows, special events, new frames, and promotions.

Segmenting your list by families helps focus your budget on educating parents about blue light, myopia management, back2school, protective eyewear, and UV. While a segmented list by last scheduled exam gives you the opportunity to improve retention and recall.

So, How Much is an

Add-On Service Like This?

$250/month Management Fee (With an additional recommended ad budget of $500+)